Oenomaus Services

We work with

  • Documentation, Life Sciences, Clinical Trials, Nephrology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Internal Medicine
  • Contracts, Sales/Purchase Agreements, Rental Agreements, Subpoenas, Court Decisions, Appeals, Diplomas, Certificates (marriage, divorce, birth, death), Testaments
  • Contracts, Articles of Incorporation, Statutes, Business Communication (Emails, Letters, Faxes), Payroll, GDPR
  • Balance Sheets, Bank Statements and Documentation, Financial Reports, Accounting Documentation
  • Medical devices, Manuals, Product Descriptions, Clinical Trials and Documentation
  • Webpages, Manuals, Instructions for Use, Products Descriptions, Agricultural Equipment, PPE, Storage of Hazardous Materials, Laboratory Equipment, Automotive
  • Leaflets, Promotional Material (Hotels, Attractions, Destinations) , Advertisements, Webpages, Invitations
  • Letters, Emails, Newspaper Articles, Biographies, Books, Informational Material, Transcriptions

Our strategy

As a small, low-cost company we rely on high profile agencies through long term commitment projects. As of 2017 we have optimized our connectivity to work with global agencies and partners.

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