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Recruitment (January 2021)

Dear Applicants,

We would like to announce that we are starting with the process of recruiting freelance translators this week. In the coming 5 working days (January 18 to 22) we will be sending a test translation consisting of around 350 words in your language combination and specialty. If you do not have a specialty or if you did not state one, the text will be of a more general nature, a text that does not require a high degree of specialization (e.g., administration).

The overall score consists of the evaluation of the overall translation quality, grammar structure, stylistics, spelling, etc. We will also include special terms that will show how much research you did for the right translation.

We will be letting you know 24 hours ahead of sending you the test translation and as soon as you receive the document, you will have 24 hours to complete it and send it back to us. Meanwhile, you can check out this link to see how we work.

After a successful completion of the test translation, you will be asked to complete your profile in our TMS (translation management system) Protemos in order to be added to our database (more information at Setting Up – Swordz Mexicana Maestros). From there, you will be receiving emails with project offers. Please be patient as we have many new translators, and we would like to distribute projects evenly.

Good luck!
Oenomaus Services Team

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